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This website was created with the sole purpose of giving you as much information as possible about Breakthrough by Trevor Carr (see lowest price) so you can make an informed decision before buying.

I firstly would like to say that I am actually a member of Breakthrough. At the moment of me writing this, you can’t actually promote this coaching program if you haven’t bought it, so you can trust my insights on this, as I have paid for it.

Breakthrough consists of 6 Main Modules: The Perfectly Prepared Peddler, The Small Gain Game, Transition Time, Platform Power, Attack Attack Attack! and The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

Inside each module you have a lot of in-depth video training, were you will learn all you need to know to succeed online.

Currently this are the main training modules but Trevor will keep adding content regularly.

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Core Training

Module 1: The Perfectly Prepared Peddler

In this first module inside Breakthrough you will discover everything you need to put in place in order to virtually guarantee your future success in this module consisting of 9 lessons.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or you have some experience, this will enable you get everything up and running, fast and easily.

Module 2: The Small Gain Game

This module is aimed at getting you fast results that you can build on.

Here in this module Trevor reveals the secrets to his 4 figure affiliate promotions, and how you can cash in by promoting other people’s products.

This is without a doubt the fastest and easiest way to start making money online.

Module 3: Transition Time

In the third module Trevor Carr takes you by the hand and introduces you to the fastest and easiest ways to start to create your very own digital products that you can sell over and over again.

Trevor will teach you how to make the most important transition you can make in this business…from consumer to creator.

Module 4: Platform Power

Things get real in this Breakthrough module as Trevor shows you the step by step process that puts YOUR new product online and ready for action!

Nothing is left to chance, as he takes you through the whole process.

Module 5: Attack Attack Attack!

In this second to last module, Trevor Carr will teach you how to launch your first digital product and start reaping the rewards of your efforts so far!

Module 6: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

In the last module of the core training inside Breakthrough, you will learn the next steps you need to take to scale this up to a full time income.

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What makes Breakthrough different from other coaching programs?

Private Group Support & Amazing Community

The support inside the FB Group is amazing. Trevor Carr goes above and beyond for everyone, always answers all members questions and like he always says “there is no silly questions”, meaning he wants you to feel comfortable to ask anything you like.

Also all members are very supportive and everyone is always encouraging each other and there is always someone that can help you.

The Website Package Done For You

Trevor Carr will build you a whole website like the one he has used for 3 years, that has made him over $300,000.

So if you want, you can have a 6 figure site done for you.

It does not come included with your Breakthrough package but it’s an incredible opportunity to have a premium website created for you, that is sure to make you money in your online business.

Premium Bonuses

Making Headway

In this bonus training Trevor Carr goes in-depth on how to be a proper Affiliate Marketer. From building your affiliate score as a newbie, so vendors approve your link without hesitation to doing affiliate promos with very cheap Google Ads, passing through very unique and cleaver ways to do Email Marketing and also how to become a product creator yourself.

In this module you have 3 Sections: Affiliate Beginnings, Affiliate Ascent and Vendor Victory.

Intrinsically Simple

In this second bonus training course inside of the Breakthrough coaching program, Trevor will teach you step by step, how to create your own product from start to finish, without investing any money and in very simple terms, that anyone can understand.

If you follow all the steps, the is no way you can have a product really to sell to the masses, in mere days.

This module is broken down in 4 Sections: Foundations, Assets, Creation and Affiliate.

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The Pimpr Collection

The Pimpr Collection is a one of Trevor Carr’s first products he ever released and it was all about getting a PLR video course for a couple of bucks and rebranding it completely and making it your own.

He spend $5 on this PLR course and when he launched he own version of it on the Warrior Plus marketplace, he earn over $8000.

Very impressive! I know.

Well he is going to teach you exactly how to do that for yourself in this section of the Breakthrough course.

Nobody is teaching this, so you are in for a treat.

And on top of that you also have access to ALL the live calls he did with his students back then plus even more webinar replays that he did with his VIP students that bought the upgraded version.

It is a value pack module that you are going to enjoy, for sure.


In this module of the Breakthrough course, you will be able to watch all the webinar replays that have taken place since the course was released, so you want miss a beat, even if you can’t attend live every week.


The resources section of the Breakthrough course is full of tools that Trevor recommends you to use to be more efficient in your online business. It is not mandatory that you use any of those tools but it will certainly help you.

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Fast Action Bonuses

8 Weeks of LIVE Group Coaching Webinars

We get 1 Live Call a week with Trevor he normally does 45 minutes of training about a specific topic that he thinks can help us grow and improve and then there is a Q&A where you can ask him anything you want.

He is very approachable and genuine and fun to talk to and he just wants everyone to have success online.

Guaranteed Approval To Promote Breakthrough

With your investment in the Breakthrough coaching program, you get guaranteed approval to promote Breakthrough itself and have the possibility of earning over $200 every time you make a sell.

Nobody else has the access to promote this High Ticket Coaching Program from Trevor Carr if they haven’t purchase it, so it is a very exclusive opportunity, as there will be no competition from big affiliates… which means you can make more money.

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This coaching program is a no brainer. All you need to succeed online is inside Breakthrough. Trevor Carr teaches everything step by step in 6 modules and all you need to do is implement what you learn, until you get results.

Trevor is one of the most genuine marketers online, he has helped me immensely to grow my business and I’m sure he will do the same for you… as he truly cares about helping people.

My final thoughts on this Breakthrough review is that this is the best business model right now to make a full time income online and create a real business.

Invest in yourself.

Anyone can do this, it doesn’t matter how newbie you are, you can do it. You just have to TAKE ACTION.

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Breakthrough Income Proof